Viable Solutions: CARF and COA Accreditation Consultants
Why Accreditation?

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation is a process that is practiced by every major profession in the world. Through the process of peer review and adherence to a set of industry standards, an organization is evaluated to ensure that it is operating at the highest level of ethical effectiveness and efficiency possible.

While achieving accreditation can be an overwhelming process, it is a process that can prove to be extremely beneficial to your agency. Obtaining CARF or TJC accreditation can provide your agency with:

  1. 1. An enhanced level of community confidence
  2. 2. A standardized set of operating policies/procedures
  3. 3. Enhanced teamwork opportunities within your agency
  4. 4. Improved quality assurance
  5. 5. Fulfillment of licensure laws and third party payments
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CARF, COA and TJC On-Site Accreditation Consulting and Support Services

Viable Solutions, the leader in CARF or TJC accreditation consulting, has created materials that allow an organization to confidently and successfully pursue the time consuming task of CARF or TJC accreditation. We are so confident in our services, we will GUARANTEE a successful CARF or TJC accreditation survey. (see details below)

Viable Solutions has worked with approximately 250 agencies in meeting and implementing the standards of CARF/TJC accreditation. The results for these agencies have been a 100% accreditation success rate. 

When an organization is searching for assistance with achieving CARF or TJC accreditation, it is imperative that they understand that a search and replace disc with a few policies and some suggestions as to how to create the other required areas will not meet the standard requirements of CARF or TJC accreditation. In order to meet the requirements for CARF or TJC accreditation, an organization needs to have the required custom developed materials in the areas of:

  • Policy and Procedures (Copywritten) (View Sample Documents) 
  • Corporate Compliance (Copywritten)
  • Health and Safety
  • Performance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Orientation and Training
  • Client Orientation

All Viable Solutions materials have been surveyed approximately 250 times and have successfully met all required standards. These copy protected materials are fully editable and can be adopted as is or can be adjusted to any degree necessary to meet your organizations internal needs. It is very important for an organization to understand what materials are needed and understand the standards well enough to recognize how the materials meet the required standards. Viable Solutions provides the most comprehensive and tested accreditation materials available.

OUR GUARANTEE:  If an organization going through their initial accreditation, purchases the On-Site Comprehensive package, completes the 3 on-site trainings, completes all required areas on the To Do list, addresses all Viable Solutions noted deficiencies in compliance and is not awarded a full accreditation, Viable Solutions will either assist the organization with an appeal or work with the organization at no cost until the next survey or up to 12 months. 

(If travel to the organization is requested, the organization will be liable for the travel costs.)

Client Testimonials

"Viable Solutions led my staff through the entire accreditation process twice, both 3 year accreditations. Without them, we would have been walking through a dark forest with no flashlight. If you have the opportunity to work with Viable Solutions - Seize It!  Their recommendations served well not only in achieving a full three-year accreditation, but also in strengthening the quality of our operations. Utilizing Viable Solutions ensured the resources and staff time I allocated to obtaining accreditation were used in the most efficient manner possible. Mark and Jamie are true professionals.  Their knowledge and accessibility makes them an excellent choice for consultants.  They were available to me and my staff for any question, and made sure we understood exactly what was necessary. Hiring Viable Solutions was one of my best business decision."

Brad Renfrow, Midwest ADP

"I was hired by my agency when they were already in the process of becoming CARF accredited.  The challenges of transforming, even for a small independent agency from operating under long established policies, procedures, and practices with a “business as usual” approach to accepting and operating under a very strict set of  standards outlined by CARF seemed overwhelming if not impossible. After the first meeting with Mark Viator, Ph.D, LPC, and Jamie Wyble, LCSW, co- managers of Viable Solutions, LLC, I was confident, with their promise of on-going support and frequent communication, we would be on schedule and ready for the surveyors.  Thanks to Mark and Jamie fulfilling their promise, we received a 3- Year Accreditation Certificate.   Thanks again Mark and Jamie."

Patti Loukides, Corporate Compliance Officer/QA Coordinator, Opportunities For All, Inc. 

"Independent Case Management received our original three year accreditation with a perfect accreditation, zero recommendations. Independent Case Management has continued to work with Viable Solutions under a compliance contract and we are extremely proud to report that Independent Case Management completed its second CARF survey and again received a perfect accreditation.  Back to Back perfect accreditations are very rare and we are so proud of our staff but owe this accomplishment to the incredible services of Viable Solutions. if you need consultants that you can fully trust to deliver what they promise, you should not look any further than Viable Solutions."

Pam Brown
Independent Case Management

The use of the term CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) or TJC (THe Joint Commission) does not indicate endorsement ⁄ affiliation with this organization.