VIABLE SOLUTIONS: CARF Accreditation Consulting Services



This signature service is an agency’s best option for preparing for CARF accreditation. This comprehensive process provides the agency with a new operational model. Through collaboration between Viable Solutions and the agency, the accreditation consultants produce an agency-specific customized Policy and Procedure Manual, Performance Measures and Management Manual, Quality Assurance Plan, Corporate Compliance Program, Risk Management/Strategic Planning Model, Health and Safety Manual, Customized Assessment and Survey Instruments, Customized Client Orientation Packets. Included in this package are 3 on-site implementation training and orientation visits.

OUR WRITTEN GUARANTEE:  If an organization going through their initial accreditation, purchases the Comprehensive Accreditation Package, completes the 3 on-site trainings, completes all required areas on the To Do lists, addresses all Viable Solutions noted deficiencies in compliance and is not awarded a full 3 year accreditation, Viable Solutions will either assist the organization with an appeal or work with the organization at no cost until the next survey or up to 12 months. 

(If travel to the organization is requested, the organization will be liable for the travel costs.)



A representative from Viable Solutions will go on-site to review the organization’s current:

1. Policy and Procedure Manual


2. Measurements/Survey Tools

3. Human Resource Documents

4. Clinical/Employee Files/Documents

5. Corporate Compliance Program 

6. Accessibility Plans/Programs

7. Technology Plans

8. Health and Safety Program

9. Risk Management/Strategic Planning Programs

10. Client and Employee Orientation 

11. Quality Assurance Measures

This service is designed to be provided to an organization at any time during its accreditation preparation activities or prior to their Preliminary or 1 year reaccreditation survey. 

All of the above areas will be matched to the current CARF accreditation standards for your programs. While on-site, the agency will receive hands-on guidance and examples of how to prepare documents, manuals, and processes for an official accreditation site visit. The agency will also receive detailed reports concerning policies/procedures as well as outlining strengths and areas of improvement for the agency that will serve as a guide for CARF preparation.  This is an excellent way to be sure that your agency has the “blue prints” necessary to prepare for the CARF standards to the 3-Year Level.



Below is a list of the products/services included in the “Viable Solutions’ Compliance Package”. All products/services are delivered on an annual basis:

-Yearly updates on all CARF policy/procedure changes.

-Creation of customized policy/procedures affected by CARF criteria changes.

-Yearly updates/changes on all plans affected by CARF criteria changes.

-Yearly updates/changes on all Performance Measures/Management changes.

-Review and assistance with the agency’s Performance Measures/Management and Risk and Strategic Planning annual reports.

-Assistance in the development and oversight of any applicable Risk and Strategic plans.

-Quarterly review of Quality Assurance reports with personalized feedback.

-Review of the QA/QI Committee Meeting Minutes

-Annual on-site review of HR and Client Open/Closed files

-Review of Health/Safety and Accessibility Checklist during annual on-site visit at selected site or corporate site.

-Reviewing adherence to the agency’s submitted Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and completion or review of the CARF Annual Conformance To Quality Report (ACQR).

-Continued unlimited access via e-mail, phone, and text message with Viable Solutions.

-One on-site visit by Viable Solutions during each contract year.