viable solutions Testimonials

"Viable Solutions led my staff through the entire accreditation process three times, all 3 year accreditations. Without them, we would have been walking through a dark forest with no flashlight. If you have the opportunity to work with Viable Solutions - Seize It!  Their recommendations served well not only in achieving a full three-year accreditation, but also in strengthening the quality of our operations. Utilizing Viable Solutions ensured the resources and staff time I allocated to obtaining accreditation were used in the most efficient manner possible. Viable Solutions are true professionals.  Their knowledge and accessibility makes them an excellent choice for consultants.  They were available to me and my staff for any question, and made sure we understood exactly what was necessary. Hiring Viable Solutions was one of my best business decision."

Brad Renfrow, Midwest ADP

We can’t speak highly enough about the character and integrity that Viable Solutions possesses. Two of the most important qualities we believe consultants should possess is the ability to communicate clearly and to be accessible when needed.  These attributes are extremely vital! Viable Solutions understood the importance of these attributes.  They made themselves easily available to us at any time to answer questions or alleviate any fears regarding the entire accreditation process.  We achieved our 3 year CARF accreditation just as they guaranteed and are a better agency for it. In short, we would highly recommend Viable Solutions to ANY company in need of consultants in order to obtain accreditation!  They are amazing!

Russ and Jill Neumen, Co-Founders of Arrowhead Foster Family Agency

Able To Change Recovery has been using the services of Viable Solutions for the past five years.  We initially needed some guidance and help with an up coming CARF visit and searched for a consultant.  We found Viable Solutions on the internet and contacted them, we made arrangements to have them visit our site.  Upon the first meeting it was clear we had made the right choice.  Viable Solutions is not only extremely competent in what they do; we could not have found nicer people to work with.  The visit went very well and as a facility we were able to better understand the process.  They also saved us a lot of work in pointing out many areas we were over working.  Able To Change Recovery has continued to meet all CARF requirements even passing our last review with extremely high marks.  We have chosen to retain Viable Solutions on contract throughout the years.  They have replied to every email, returned every call, and reviewed everything we have ever sent them.  Viable Solutions has been the best decision Able To Change Recovery has made.  Given our experience Able To Change Recovery highly recommends Viable Solutions to any facility looking for accreditation for CARF.

Able To Change Recovery